I was afraid to share Christ with others.

As I'm sitting here in my office reflecting over the past few years, I have to say that I am amazed at how the Father has worked in my life. 

Before coming to China, I was afraid to share Christ with others. Yep, I was afraid. 

I used to tell myself "If someone asks, of course I'll share the hope I have in Christ, but I don't want to share unless they ask me." 

What a LIE I was believing. And for years! 

The truth is that people don't know what they're searching for in this life. I was once that person. I was a broken person hiding behind a smiling face. I had no idea what this life meant and I had no idea where to look for the answer. Until someone told me. 

And so I have to ask myself these questions…

Am I ashamed of Jesus?
Do I love Jesus as much as I love myself? 
Why do I fear the reactions I might encounter from others? 

I wish you could experience what I've seen here in China. Even as I write, I am in tears. Sharing Jesus is easy here. Romans clearly says that God has put it in the hearts of all men to know Him and I have experienced that first-hand. Living in a country that has sought to suppress God only intensifies people's hunger for the Truth. 

I have watched the Word of God transform so many lives here. The trials and struggles that our brothers and sisters are facing here in China are so different from my own. When my friends come to me, telling me their families are disowning them for believing in Jesus or blaming them for terrible events because they brought a Bible into their home, I am humbled by their faith. They are truly abandoning all for the sake of knowing Christ.

So I will ask you…what is holding you back from telling others? What do you have to lose? 

We have life in Christ and no fear in death, so let's open our mouths and proclaim His Glory to those who may not even know what they're searching for in this life. 

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